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Moira McCue
November 13, 2021 | Moira McCue

Have you seen the Mural Trail in Brownwood TX?

Have you seen the Mural Trail in Brownwood TX?

Looking for something to do during your visit to Brownwood, TX? There is a growing list of murals all around Brown County. The arts community in Brownwood is continuing to grow thanks in part to the Brownwood Arts Association and many other local artists.

If you follow the mural trail, you’ll get a nice tour of the area and it’s guaranteed to brighten your day! Make sure to post them on social media and tag them #brownwoodmuraltrail

More are coming! We are planning on adding one or two more to our property. Let us know if you have any suggestions! The Mural Trail list as of 11/13/2021:

  1. Cactus Mural by Calina Mishay Johnson
  2. Painted Poppies
  3. Sunflower Mural by Amanda Coers
  4. Texas Flag Wall
  5. Limited Coffee
  6. Cat & Fish Mural by Amanda Coers
  7. i love you & wine so much Wall
  8. Intermission Bookshop Mural by Amanda Coers
  9. Gebberdt’s Soup Mural
  10. Butterfly Wall by Amanda Coers
  11. Health Department Mural by Amanda Coers
  12. Colorful Cactus by Amanda Coers
  13. Colorful Longhorn
  14. Vintage Truck
  15. Run Wild Mural by Calina Mishay Johnson
  16. Angel Wings Mural by Amanda Coers
  17. Flying Pigs Mural by Amanda Coers
  18. Mark Twain Quote Wall

Here’s a link to the Visit Brownwood Mural Trail Map 

Some not yet listed:

  • The wall mural on the Red Wagon restaurant by Tony Bryant
  • Praying soldier at the Central Texas Memorial Wall by Christine Brisley
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