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Moira McCue
March 3, 2022 | Moira McCue

Happy Harvest Hosts

Harvest Host

We became a Harvest Hosts location in December of 2020. Since then we have had dozens of RV’ers from all over the country. Being right off a busy highway (US 84 E & US 183 S), we’re accustomed to having out of town guests but now they’re coming from much farther locations! There is a sign over our entrance, “Enter as Strangers, Leave as Friends.” That has become far more than a phrase but our motto. In the beginning, we didn’t realize the relationships we would make and the stories we would learn. 

It’s been fun since the start. One of our first guests had a vintage GMC Motorhome from the 70’s like the one in the movie Stripes. It was very cool. Since then we have all sizes stay over. The best part is that we get the chance to know almost all campers. It’s been fun learning their story and sharing ours. A number of them are full-timers (they have sold their house and are permanent RV’ers). The majority are just recreational travelers, many from Texas. We had a couple that sold their house and were traveling the country looking for their new home. Another guest from AZ bought a motorhome in SC and learned how to RV on his way back, their stories were so funny. There was a sweet family from Delaware that sold their chicken farm and were touring the country with their 3 young children.

So What is Harvest Hosts? It’s a RV membership program (recreational vehicle – motorhomes or campers) that allows its members to boondock (self-contained) overnight at a location that is safer than most parking lots and roadside rest stops. You pay an annual membership fee to get access to the nearly 3,000 locations. There is no charge to stay the night at the host locations, you’re just asked to patronize the host with a purchase. Most of our guests use it as a stop on the way to their destination. It’s been referred as the Airbnb for camping. 

Host locations are not required to provide electric or water hook-ups or dump stations. You’ll need to be able to make it over night with a generator and the water you bring. FYI some locations do offer hook-ups for a small fee. 

In June of 2021 Harvest Hosts acquired Boondockers Welcome. 

Want to join Harvest Host:

Here’s what some of our Harvest Hosts guests have said about their stay with us:

"Spirit of Texas Winery is a fun place to stay. Great wine, really cute merchandise, unique decor and architecture. Brian and Moira went above and beyond the call of duty to accommodate us. They are also really supportive of other local businesses which made shopping and sightseeing enjoyable." ~Helen D

"We stopped for the night on our way to Seminole Canyon SP and couldn't have been more pleased with our choice. Brian and Moira were gracious and friendly hosts, we thoroughly enjoyed chatting with them while enjoying a few glasses of wine. The food is great, we had the spicy pimento cheese dip and a pizza. The parking area is large with packed gravel and is pretty level. Even though it's close to the road, it was very quiet other than the occasional coyote howls in the distance. We would definitely stop here again!" ~tFlyingSquirrel

"BEST WINE EVER! The owners are passionate and know how to make some paninis as well! The vibe is inviting and relaxed and we will definitely be staying here again." ~Gareth G


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