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Moira McCue
May 27, 2021 | Updates, Winery Blog | Moira McCue

Is it really already May?

News Flash! Our January resolution to write more frequent blogs = #fail.

So here we are in May already and so much has happened already.

In Mid-December, we became a Harvest Host location. Since then, we’ve hosted over 20 RV’s. It’s been such a fun experience for us, meeting people from all over the county (WI, FL, CA, AZ, CO, AR, MO, GA, PA, NJ & TX).

Oh and we’re back to hosting events too. Don’t miss our Pot Luck Sunday’s. They’re on the last Sunday of each month. It’s so good to have our regulars back; Pixie Plum, Mixin it Up Arts & Christine instructing art/craft events. Plus Wine Festivals are starting back! It’s our opportunity to pour our wines around the state. Check our calendar for all of our upcoming events.

Giving back to our community has always been important to us. In March we scheduled our 1st March Gladness. We matched money we collected for 4 local charities (Good Samaritan Ministries, CASA in the Heart of Texas, The Ark & Brownwood Animal Shelter). We raised donated over $2,000 and also were a Soup-er Bowl Champ sponsor for GSM. Plus some other silent auction items and other donations.

New Releases: We’ve released 6 wines already this year and have a few more coming. Hope you had chance to taste our: 2019 Dolcetto, 2019 Home Town, 2019 Estrella Blanca, 2019 Rip Roaring, 2019 Viognier and our fun carbonated Pizazz.

We celebrated our 4th anniversary in April, and we survived the Texas snowpocalypse in February!


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