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Brian McCue
July 20, 2020 | Updates | Brian McCue

2020 Did Not See That Coming!

The governor mandated shutdown has been weighing heavily on us. It’s hard to believe that Governor Abbott could devitalize a whole industry by shutting them down with just hours notice (bars, tap rooms, distilleries, breweries & wineries) for the actions of just a few. On June 22nd, just 4 days before the shutdown, TABC reported that in over 3,500 inspections since May, only a fraction of them resulted in violations of the existing mandate (full story). The Texas Comptroller reported $57 million in alcoholic beverage tax revenues for April 2020. That number is down 55% from April 2019.

You can help! If you haven’t done so already, contact Governor Abbott’s office and tell him that he unfairly shutdown an entire industry because of a few that were violating his previous mandate.

Remember, many smaller wineries, breweries and distilleries can’t be found in retail stores. Unfortunately, we never pursued it, choosing to meet most everyone that bought our wines. We have been able to count on wine festivals as an opportunity to expand our reach but every wine fest so far this year has been cancelled due to Covid. To make things worse, these high temps are preventing us from shipping to preserve the quality of our wines.

Here are some additional ways to help us small guys:

  • Buy curbside (most allow call-in’s or online ordering)
  • Buy online (Check for shipping policies)
  • Check to see if you can drink on their grounds
  • Purchase Gift Cards
  • Join their Wine Club
  • Support them on Social Media (Like, Comment & SHARE)

The best source for finding wineries:

Thank you for your continued support,

Brian & Moira


Will Stewart's Gravatar
Will Stewart
@ Jul 21, 2020 at 3:38 PM
I wrote the Governor a message in support of you. I hope this swings in a positive direction. All my best wishes!

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