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It was just the two of us for our first few years, so we have used our personal values to guide the business. To meet our future plans, we realized the need to create our company’s Core Values as we build our team. These core values will define our organization and will help shape our most important decisions. These values will be considered in everything we do with our staff, guests, partners and in the industry. 

S Sustainability – Be environmentally and socially responsible
P Purpose – Our purpose is to turn a guest’s experience into lasting favorite memory
I Integrity – Do the right thing all of the time for every person
R Relationships – Our motto is ‘Enter as Strangers, Leave as Friends’ our goal is to know everyone by name. We want you to feel welcomed
I Involved – Give back to the community by donating your time, money or both
T Teamwork – Together we are better, support each other

We will support our community and other local businesses. We are advocates of the Texas wine industry and always promote other Texas wineries. We love all things Texas and are proud Go Texan Partners. We are passionate about what we do, we work hard and have some fun while doing it!

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